How to contribute to WineGIS

The WineGIS project is in a continual state of evolution and requires a significant quantity of work to accumulate data, geographical or otherwise. The availability of large amounts of data is necessary to improve understanding of a concept as involved as terroir.

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Take part in the workgroup

A workgroup is, as the word suggests, a group of people working together. This is not specifically a group of experts , but a group of friends contributing in different ways to ensure the success of the project. We are always happy and grateful to receive contributions from expert and enthusiasts alike.

Work experience and University Theses

Participation in the WineGIS project could be of great interest to students of various areas of study. GIS is a wonderful tool for the integration of data for various disciplines. There is a great deal of work to be done by anyone interested:

  • students of the Humanities could work on greater description of the human environment and the gathering of information.
  • students of Sciences could on work on their specific disciplines (geology, agronomy topography geography meteorology) or on the technological aspects (IT GIS…).

Supplying Data

Within our documentation we have included the sources of data and an indication of the reliability of said data. We would welcome anyone wishing to contribute any information at their disposal and particularly precise geographical data which would help defining DO and IGT areas.

We intend to make this documentation available for download to anybody within the field of GIS and winegrowing. Anyone wishing to contribute their own work is invited to get in touch with us.