The partners

The WineGIS project was born as an agreement between Globo srl and the CNR-IDPA laboratory of Geo-resources in Dalmine to analyse environmental data aimed at outlining the distinctive characteristics of grapevines and wine production.

The objective was to then put this data which would evaluate the balance between location and varieties of grapevine at the disposal of interested parties, be they companies or private individuals.


Globo srlGlobo srl is a company which has been operating in the field of Geographical information systems since 1998.
Globo’s clients are largely from the public sector at various levels of public administration where the GIS is used to help plan and organize their activities.
Of no less importance are the private sector clients who make use of the data, together with business information systems, to help define marketing strategies (Geomarketing).


CNR-IDPA The institute Dynamics of Environmental Processes of the CNR bases its research programs on the need for understanding global changes of the environment and climate, its evolution in time and possible remedies. In the last few years awareness is growing that these climate and environmental changes are closely connected to the natural dynamics of the planet and human behaviour leading to greater sensibility on a socio-economic level.