Target audience

Is it necessary to be a wine lover to use WineGIS?
Probably, but its not mandatory! Many of us probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a carton of “Vin de table” and a prestigious and revered bottle of D.O.C.G.!

So why would a non-expert make use of WineGIS?
Because it is not necessary to be a great expert to be an enthusiast for nature or a particular area or even technology. WineGIS permits us to navigate through cartography and find ourselves, for example along the Ligurian coast and then to traverse inland making use of enlargements of the maps and visit familiar places. And then to discover that only in here can we find Vermentino del Tigullio, because, only here can we find the particular characteristics needed that exist in no other place in the world. But these locations characterized by their unique terroir probably exist in thousands of places in the world without us knowing.

Who uses WineGIS?
Everybody! However we can identify various categories of users:

  • Producers (cellar owners, companies etc) who can analyse in depth their own area of production but also of the competitors in a neighbouring region. Enabling and aiding them in the promotion of their own labels;
  • Workers within the sector (tasters, agronomist, producers, sellers ) who can access data to get a unified geographic picture, useful for scientific analysts and professionals;
  • Tourist operators (local action groups, councils and agencies) who can evaluate a territory through knowledge of its main characteristics and its wine production;
  • Institutions (Local government, conglomerates, mountain communities) who can understand, look after and defend their territory, update their bylaws and promote new projects to improve the environment of winegrowing (through conservation of the soil, looking after and protecting the countryside);
  • Agricultural schools and institutes, cwhich can find, through WineGIS an important tool to support their didactive activities and to aid in the upkeep and maintenance of their research and collaborations.;
  • Winelovers, who can better understand wines they have bought or make a more educated choice. Or even (and why not?) to simply understand that which they saw Twenty years ago in that region, area on the slopes of that hill...